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Welcome to Altech Kenya!

Using the vast knowledge of it's current directors, ALTECH KENYA LIMITED facilitates its clients to access data connecting ANYTHING TO EVERYTHING!

In today’s world we all want to have our assets connected and to know exactly where they are , what is happening and who is using them.

With a single window platform using Wi-Fi, Cellular connectivity, LAN and VPN this is now possible and accessible on the SA GLOBAL mobile platform.

Connecting to the Digital World

We live in a digital world where everything can be connected. From your mobile phone to your car, from your office to your house, from one country to another and from one family member to the next. We are located at LAXCON PLAZA first floor and welcome you to visit us.

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Our Products & Services

We have a variety of services that can meet your IoT needs.

Smart Speed Governors

ALT001 has fuel management with a driver ID, speed limiting and a breathalyzer with an engine cut-off.

Smart BodyCam

ALTBC001 has video as well as radio communication and allows for all events to be recorded easily. It has an SOS button too.

Smart DashCam

ALTDC001 has three cameras from one unit, front facing, driver facing and cargo facing.

Smart (Boda) Motorbike Track

ALTMB001 is a small unique unit that tracks your motorbike (Boda) with ease and immobilizes if it's stolen.

Smart Tanker Lock

ALTGL001 provides security and comfort of your fuel deliveries enabling you to lock the fuel outlets and open them from a distance using your mobile phone. These locks are ATEX approved and can work in any fuel environment. It can also be used to immobilize it, if stolen.

Smart Container Lock

ALTGL001 is a secure solution to lock your containers and gives you remote controls to open and close your containers from a distance using your mobile phone. These locks are ATEX approved and can work in fuel environments too.

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We provide quality & reliable IoT solutions across Africa.

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